...Most renewable or sustainable energy sources are not a permanent solution.

Implosive bio-technology offers a free cool-energy solution that works with the life-enhancing processes of nature.

Today we are facing the dying of the whole, the physical deterioration of all organisms initiated by the disruption of the water cycle.
This has been caused by our infatuation with an 'explosive fire technology' which is also the main initiator of our 'crippled climate'.

Our survival depends upon us to understand and implement the natural implosive bio-technological systems of nature.



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Terracotta Water Egg Vessel for beyond the Water Purification and Filter System

The i water egg is not a water purification system or a water filter devise tho it does have some water filtration and water purification qualities.

iWaterEgg produces a TearraCotta water egg emphora for the storage of water to keep the water cool and the water energized.

The water egg shape container of the i WaterEgg is derived precisely and mathematically from an inclined section through the Schauberger hyperbolic cone.

This beautiful wateregg will not only maintain the vitality of the contained water, but the finely-tuned porosity and resultant water evaporation over the whole of the outer surface assists in cooling the water and maintaining its coolness.

The water in the water egg also remains in constant motion within the iwateregg keeping the water remarkably fresh water and discourages the growth of pathogenic bacteria.


While the material for the construction of a water storage vessel has been addressed above, another important factor is the actual shape of the water container itself. Most of the water storage containers commonly in use today take the form of cubes, rectangular volumes of one form or another, or cylinders. While these are the shapes most easily and economically produced by today's technology, they have drawbacks in terms of impeding natural water circulation and water suffocation. Due to their rectangular shape and right-angled corners, stagnant zones are created, conducive to the formation of pathogenic bacteria. Moreover, since the materials used are generally galvanized iron, fiber glass, concrete, etc., i.e. all impervious materials, the contained water is unable to breathe adequately and suffocates the living water as a result. In this debilitated state or as a water-corpse, the water is no longer healthy or health-giving and may require further disinfection.

Nature chooses the egg shape to propagate and maintain life. Cubes and cylinders have no place in Nature's scheme of things. Eggs and elongated egg-shapes such a grains and seeds are employed, presumably because Nature in her wisdom has determined that these produce the optimal results. It is evident that earlier civilizations such as the Egyptians and Greeks, renown for their logic and constructional ability, were well aware of this, because they stored their grains and liquids (oils, wines, etc.) in terracotta amphorae, sealed with beeswax. All this despite the fact that for all rational, practical purposes, the shape was wholly unsuited to compact and efficient storage in terms of space and ease of handling . It is obvious that the selection of this form over any other was intentional. In many amphorae that have surfaced in archaeological excavations over the last 100 years or so, grains of wheat have been found that were still viable and even after storage over 2,000 years, grew when planted. This fact alone should suffice to affirm the efficacy of the properties of vessels of such egg shape.


products The i Water Egg is Canadian made and will store approximately 11 litres of cool energized water.


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