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Is there Perpetual Motion?

The following is extracted from Nature As Teacher, book two of the eco-technology series on Viktor Schauberger’s writings, translated and edited by Callum Coats pg 140. Is There Perpetual Motion? From Implosion Magazine,… read more →

Motion Fundamentals

Motion Fundamentals  The need to analyze, the need to quantify, the need to conquer and the need to overcome a particular problem has plagued scientist since the beginnings of conventional… read more →

What is Energy?

What is Energy? The oxford dictionary defines energy as “a body’s power of doing work by virtue of its motion ” or a “body’s power of doing work by virtue… read more →

Implosion / Explosion…….A side by side comparison

Implosion / Explosion…….A side by side comparison There has been a need expressed by our readers to distinguish the difference between implosive and explosive energy.  What is implosive energy? What… read more →

Nature of Dew

Concerning the nature of dew A calm cool night with no clouds in sight, the moon shines down illuminating the many blades of grass in the field ahead. Not even… read more →

Science on Trial

In the museum where infinity goes up on Trial Voices echo this is what life must be like after awhile – B.Dylan One might interpret and critique these words according… read more →

Water is Sacred

Water is Sacred – every spirit is aware of this fact  ‘When there was no Earth, but only Water, the Lama descended from the Heavens and stirred the Waters. All… read more →

What is Health?

What is health?   What does it mean to be healthy? Is health a balance? A physical, mental, spiritual balance? Are we healthy? Do we even know what health is?… read more →

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