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Terra-Cotta Water Egg Container

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Bottled Water Versus Tap Water

Sales of bottled water are gushing. Many consumers say they prefer the taste of bottled water to tap, believing it’s safer than municipal water supplies.
But Health Canada’s website on bottled water reports that there’s no evidence to support this. In fact, Professor Rolf Halden of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, had this to say about water in U.S. cities. “The truth is that city water is much more highly regulated and monitored for quality. Bottled water is not. It can legally contain many things we would not tolerate in municipal drinking water.”
The same is generally true of drinking water in Canadian cities.
So where does the water in bottled and branded bottles come from? A recent report by Bloomberg News explained that “Atlanta-based Coca-Cola, the world’s biggest bottler, uses municipal water from Calgary and Brampton, Ontario, for its Dasani brand.”
The same article also points out that “Bottled water is far more expensive than municipal water. A liter (33.8 ounces) of tap water in Canada costs taxpayers an average of less than one-10th of a cent, Toronto’s city government says. That means a liter of bottled water selling for C$2.50 is almost 3,000 times more expensive.”
Aside from concerns about bottled water, such as landfills full of empty bottles and plastic leaching toxins in the land and in your body, there are also ethical ones.

Learn more about bottled water.

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Terra-Cotta breathes and has been used for centuries to keep liquids cool. The egg-shape allows for maximum natural constant-movement of energy/water.
The egg-shape is a natural vortex-generator which therefore cools and energizes water. From the tap water, clorine gas will disipate and impurities such as lime will transpire to the outside of the container. The Terra Cotta can be cleaned when deemed necessary.
The water will transpire for a few months before the Terra Cotta becomes saturated and therefore an extra container under the egg-vessel will be necessary. It is preferable to keep the vessel partially full of water until it has fully adjusted itself to your environment. Treat it as an egg with a life form ...... water for you.
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Purchase Price: $375 US dollars - includes Complete Egg Vessel, spigot, stand...(holds 11 litres).......shipping extra (add $30 within US)......Inquire/Order
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WaterNature Mission Information

Eventually, Conventional Science and the Green Institutions will come to the realization that Science itself had taken a deadly turn and that the true cause of all this HEATING UP and all it's degradation is caused by the very foundation of our misunderstanding of Nature, precisely the dual-motion of energy (imploding and exploding spiral curve vortex motion) and the nature of water to enhance life giving energy with its preferred natural imploding motion.

When the public becomes desperate they will flock to the knowledge that Viktor Schauberger had obtained and set into motion.

healthy water - healthy life..............sick water - sick life..............no water - no life
In contrast, all' technical' machines, i.e. all dynamos, turbines, pressure pumps, propellers, explosion and steam driven engines, all furnaces, gas and electric heating appliances, all soil-tilling and harvesting machinery, etc. provide a developmentally harmful ex-pulse to initiate motion. Because of this and without exception, the atom lattice thus moved ruptures, resulting in the disintegration of the molecular (bacteriophagous) formations in suspension. In unnaturally moved air or water decadent stresses appear, causing the decay of the decisive energy-concentrates. This leads to the build-up of decadent potential and the decomposition of the blood of the Earth, and thus to a total economic collapse along the whole course of development.
Viktor Schauberger from Technology & Biotechnology Oct. 1946 from Implosion Magazine, No 116 pp 37-45.

Inwards-cool-condencing-implosive-motion creates a potential of energy 120 times more then our explosive-heating-motion-technology.

Waternature depends mostly at this point on funding. We are pursuing financial support to create a 'Touring MultiMedia Presentation' to educate and inform the public of this new Implosive Biotechnology.

IMPLOSIVE Biotechnology - Support Cool Solutions
What is IMPLOSIVE Biotechnology?

Implosive Biotechnology is in its infancy (for mankind) but we need to change that quickly. As we can see, nature does not pollute itself, and yet it utilizes an enormous amount of energy very efficiently. How does nature do that?... waternature.com

What is the difference between nature's life giving energy and the energy that our world has developed (explosive) and what does water have to do with it? waternature.com
Waternature.com is working on a number of Implosive Energy inventions. The changeover, from our current energy sources to Implosive Energy systems is the only way our world can survive.
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"The true foundation of all culture is the knowledge and understanding of water." Viktor Schauberger
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