Science on Trial

In the museum where infinity goes up on Trial
Voices echo this is what life must be like after awhile – B.Dylan

One might interpret and critique these words according to the number of initials or lack of them to the name of this writer. It is a pity that we have become a culture losing the capability to decipher for ourselves ‘what is’. Of course, a narrow minded person can hardly be expected to get a glimpse of that part within himself where all things are connected. Our society had convinced itself of the need to specialize and we are now suffering it’s consequences.
Unless one is a part of the club, whatever club that may be, one is hardly taken serious when one exposes the club to have to stand naked against it’s own foundation. Statistics have stifled our openness, our eagerness to question the very foundation of which science stands. The abstract has been mistaken for the fact.
Science on Trial !
It was once a rare opportunity in deed to know a scientist, there were so few. Today, it appears, there’re everywhere.
What is a scientist?
Who has the right to be called a scientist?
Is it essential for a scientist to be ethical, honest, compassionate, or are these qualities unnecessary to constitute a truth?
What use is a scientist to a world that is deceitful, dishonest?
Is what science was, what it is today?
With a science degree, the science institution will protect you as long as you do not bend too far from the accepted straight line. If a conventional scientist states something out of the realm of the now known or proven, he is a researcher, a theorist. If a scientist (citizen) without the support of the club states a theory out of the box of science’s knowledge, he/she is considered a quack, or/and a number of other derogatory names to discredit any possibility of a truth.
I am not a scientist, my initials are not of the club, but i assure you that i have known since the sixties that our food supply systems would cause similar results that are now being recognized by science, namely cancer, obesity, dementia. I knew that our relationship to the environment would create a global catastrophe. That most of our wars were based on oil or power to get what we in the west need to live the comfortable, secure and often frivolous lives we lead. I was well aware that this tip of iceberg would sink into heartless minds.
I knew that organics would have to fight against the multi-conglomerates to survive. I knew that cancer research was a joke, a multi billion dollar bandage industry. I knew that specialization was totally the wrong direction and that it would further our death threat towards extinction. I knew it was useless to fly to the moon with this mess here on earth; humans starving. I knew there would have to be a complete over haul of our relationship to energy, the earth, god. I am not a scientist. How come we still have thousands of ‘scientists’ working on cancer research, genetic modified foods and species, the big bang reverse energy theory, nuclear power, explosive machines. What is science anyway’s?
The dictionary states, ‘a scientist to be one depending on deductions from self evident truths, one dealing with material phenomena and based on observation, experiment, and induction’.

Well, can someone explain to me why our so called scientists are working on creating bigger and better apples, slim bodies with no exercise, monoculture crops, dead water purification systems, sweet toothpaste, government/pharmaceutical bandage industry vaccines…………on and on………some may agree and some may not, but you get the point
How come there is little research funding for sustainable organic natural small farm systems/foods/education?
How come a science based on truth finds it’s way into the war machine, the military, the huge wealth conglomerates, the research to cover up the real problems, the bandages on top of bandages.
Money doesn’t talk it swears – B.Dylan………… the answer ‘really’, isn’t blowin in the wind, it’s blowin in the uncaring hearts of man.

If science was not on trial, it would not be science. The very nature of nature itself demands change to be the only constant. Every law is flexible, relative ultimately only to one observer.
There are relative constants useful to navigate, to manipulate this world, but on a finer observation one will find infinity everywhere. There are no absolutes, everything has a leak in it. The dot, the line the circle. There is no dot stagnant in nature, everything is in constant motion. An imaginary dot moving creates an imaginary line in its path. The dot is really a circle with a perimeter increasing or decreasing. A circle is an abstract, a cross section of a spiral curve expanding or contracting, exploding or condensing/imploting. The abstract line moves bent in nature.
The dot the line the circle are abstracts, incredibly useful but abstract none the less. To quote Bob Dylan, “Abstracts threat too noble to neglect, but I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now”.
Everything in nature is expanding or contracting along spiral curves, matter spinning right or left, energy vortexing matter into and out of existence from the seen to the unseen, from the immeasurable to the measurable, from the field, the ethereal to the world.
With this change of spin from left or right, moving in a direction outwards or inwards, there is a constant change of temperature as minute as it may be, but relative and this principle is extremely relevant and important to our understanding of nature and especially water. This constant movement and change of temperature is caused and causes the change in size, shape and velocity from a particle point of view.
Energy moves in one of two directions, this is it’s signature, it’s fingerprint, it’s essence and medium of information, frequency and temperature.
This understanding is of utmost importance in the understanding and regulation of water. The direction of temperature and the direction of matter or energy is the understanding of life integrating or life disintegrating.
Gravity is not alone, it has a visitor, levitation, it’s partner, it’s opposite and only seen from negating gravity. The golden ratio encompasses all movement, all form, an infinite law between the in and the out, the spaces between connected to the infinite, the unimaginable, the silence, the unknowable. The inward condensing imploding motion is the larger of the ratio, the one of more quantity and life giving quality within this balance and harmony of 8 to 5(golden ratio) in all interactions, movement; the constant change of the universe from the macro to the micro, the micro to the macro, in space and out of space, of time and of no-time, no-space(eternity).
I think therefore i am not!
We live on this planet called by many names. We all have a right to be here, to question, to answer, to be. Yes, life has evolved as it has. There are numerous problems, wrong decisions and in a nut shell, it is in a mess, what we have done to the earth, how we have abused our intelligence. As best as one can do is to understand the problems and live your life within the truth you have found and find. Is it possible to alleviate the complexity of the mess and all the opinions, religions, believes, to see a more simplified world? John Lennons ‘Imagine’ expresses this dream well. My point is, ‘what needs to be done to create this possible world where we love everyone as much as we love the ones we think and say we love’? What is the one thing that keeps us from realizing we are connected to everything everywhere at all times? The fact is, is that there are no words to tell what is true. As well as the dot the line the circle, all of our thoughts know not the truth. All thought is abstract also, of memory, of the past. It is an amazing tool, a map, an energy, a concept of the past but based on memory all thought is on trial also. All of our beliefs must be renewed endlessly, there is absolutely no absolute in our words, our thoughts, our memories. All thinking, all science is relevant with what is known at the moment and useful for a undetermined length of time. There will never be any theory more true than ‘love is all there is’, we can never know love from thought, thought can only describe it, measure it and everything else in this universe in an abstract or in a symbolic concept, a relevant way, but nothing is precise, completely accurate, absolute. This also includes all the believes one has about where we come from, where we are going, all the gods, all the philosophies, beliefs, everything is on trial endlessly. No one knows, you are on your own.
When will we and how will we wake up and set aside our frivolous self centered lives, are egos and realize we are truly interconnected. And what does this really mean? Where else would compassion come from if not from the awareness of the sacredness of all, everything?
Science in many ways has replaced god with logic, but our ‘see what you get’ Newtonian/decartian abstracts have been replaced with Einstein and his inconstant constants and have left us here stranded, all alone with a science desperately grasping for a dream of an absolute field theory, not much different than the intricate delicate theories of sacred text. But, abstracts shall remain abstract, the science of science beyond thought (abstracts) may have been once called Shamanism. Possibly the two worlds may meet, possibly this new religion will be called Sacred Science.
All the new scientific theorists border on the edge of eternity, the imaginary point between this world of the seen and the partially relatively measurable, to the world or worlds of the unseen, the immeasurable, the space that religion and shamanism have investigated for centuries, the black holes between you and me, the sea of dark, wonderland, where nothing is real, let me take you down.
Was and is not acupuncture the inward traveling and discovering of the energy meridians within the body? Is not the outward investigating of natural energies (spirits), shape shifting, astro projecting and out of body experiences the world of the medicine man, the shamans of the world?
Are these quantum leaps of consciousness too difficult for our newtonian scientist to feel real within, to investigate without their four dimensional tools, to use the tool of mind, mind beyond matter?
Science is on trial, and so am I, and so are you.
Why are we doing what we are doing when real people are suffering, starving, disintegrating.
Can we really find comfort and security when our brothers and sisters are suffering.
Is it really necessary to sit and play poker while we watch this earth die?

The house is on fire, two kids starving in the basement, grandparents alone in the attic, we’re watching reality TV.