Is there Perpetual Motion?

The following is extracted from Nature As Teacher, book two of the eco-technology series on Viktor Schauberger’s writings, translated and edited by Callum Coats pg 140.

Is There Perpetual Motion?
From Implosion Magazine, No.26. Written by Viktor Schauberger at Leonstein, July 1945.

“Every movement consists of two components. One component serves inwardness(intensification), the other servesoutwardness (dispersion). These two pre-requisites alone regulate the eternal river of metamorphosis (panta rhei).”
V.S. – (Implosion Magazine, No 57, p.5)

Merely posing the question, is there perpetual motion? exposes one to the risk of losing the respect of one’s fellow men. People have become accustomed to thinking that such a form of motion is impossible. It is raised here in order to examine it in connection with a variety of experiences, which point to the fact that perpetual motion does indeed exist. Not in the sense, however, that science has hitherto considered it, which logically has led to rejection of this often debated question.

Above all we are concerned here with the question, why does Earth rotate about its own axis? The choice of words is actually not quite correct. The term own should be replaced by the word peculiar, stressing the uniquely particular axis about which Earth rotates. Even the meaning of the word rotate must be qualified, for the simple reason that everything that turns in circles goes nowhere and makes no headway. There is no change of position, which in the case of the Earth’s motion is impossible. It is precisely this making headway that is the purpose of this strangely-moving Earth. This process of movement could be far better described in terms of a pumping action, through which our hearts are also made to ‘beat’, so it is said. The movement of blood, however is not the result of the so-called beating of the heart – it is the cause.

If these fundamentals, which hitherto have been taken for granted, are reversed or inverted, then the scorned expression perpetual motion takes on a substantially different meaning. My opening question is then no longer absurd, but actually becomes highly interesting. In this connection other questions come to the fore: what actually is life and how does life come into being? A whole complex of questions thus attains a proper perspective and its final clarification is attempted here.

When Galileo discovered that the earth rotated, it sent shock-waves through the secular, religious and scientific worlds, which resulted in his enforced retraction of this assertion. It is known, however, that before he died, Galileo retracted his retraction, and since then it has becomes obvious to all that the world rotates about its own axis.

So far nobody has made the effort, however, to reflect upon why the world-sphere actually turns. For various reasons even the word sphere conveniently conceals the function of Earth’s distinctive motion. In two respects the organization of variously weighted masses within the Earth in no way permit the formation of a true sphere. Apart from absolute and specific differences in the weight of its internal substances, different directions also come into question, for some the constituents react to centrifugence and others to centripetence. All of this has been proven unequivocally by experiment.

This fact alone demands an eccentric form of motion, which in turn is mirrored by the asymmetrical shape of the earth. The form in question is the egg-shape, and more particularly, the ‘extreme’ egg-shape, which can only be derived from the five sided symbol of the pentagon. It provides the basic structural framework to deal logically and self-evidently with all the peculiarities to be presented. Considering this peculiar type of motion, this peculiar moving body and above all its peculiar axis, we can ask the question, why does Earth move in such a singularly distinctive manner?

This whole affair is akin to one that led to the most serious errors in the field of scientific experiment. A given experiment is carried out a thousand times and always produces the same result. The reason for this irrefutable result is the repeated use of an identical precondition under which the experiment is conducted. If this is changed, then obviously a different result is obtained, which may have been neither sought nor desired. In this case there are absolutely no grounds to be able to speak of a regularity, but rather of a fluctuating conformitywith natural law. This is understandable, because the extremely crucial influences of light and temperature, and indeed all other types of influence, are constantly changing. In Nature therefore, the preconditions for such experiments are totally absent, whereas in a laboratory in which specific preconditions can be artificially arranged, this or another experiment may be successful.

From this point of view, any such experiment is misleading, as is Archimedes’ Law of Displacement. If water is moved naturalesquely (in the way that healthy water has to move, analogous to the form of Earth motion above) before Archimedes’ specific-weight determining experiment is carried out, then its specific weight changes so markedly that the laws governing the definition of specific and absolute weight are thrown to the four winds. In this case ores, which would normally sink to the bottom at once, actually float in the central core-water of a river. Even more amazing is the behaviour of heavy stones in still water, which under particular conditions of temperature no longer obey the law of absolute gravity and rise to the surface. However, this only happens if the water has previously been moved according to this natural (peculiar) pattern of movement. All of which means, no more and no less, that the law of gravity exists only under certain preconditions.

If we continue further in this direction, always mindful of the question of preconditions, then through the particular form of motion described in general terms above, the law of gravity can be eliminated. A completely new law of levitation becomes operative. This throws the whole of science and technology overboard, because up to now these two fields of human endeavour only knew and applied the law of gravity.

Gravitation, however, is only a secondary effect of this principal force. Were there no levitation, then gravitation could never exist, because in the final analysis everything would remain flat on the ground. By using this levitational force, the energy to power machines will be virtually free and therefore of little worth by today’s ethical standards. From an environmental point of view this makes good sense, because it serves the will of Nature and furthers evolution. In contrast, present systems of energy-generation using the forces of gravity and pressure are environmentally dangerous, and the more they are exploited the more hazardous the dangers.

Having said all this, however, we are still just at the beginning of the introductory description of this particular form of motion. We are also at the initial phase of the question, Why does the earth move itself? In answering these questions we inevitably get closer to the resolution of the question, Is there perpetual motion? Certainly there is, but in a completely different sense to the one that has so far persuaded science to dismiss the matter a priori, because at the very outset nobody should concern themselves with such nonsensical things. All of this, despite the accepted fact that, in ecological consequence of the above ‘peculiar’ form of motion, the whole Earth floats in free space without an axis and hence without friction. This is due to its movement along a cycloid-spiral space-curve.

This singularly unusual axis of the Earth is therefore no axis at all in the accepted sense, but an infinitely small hollow space or, more accurately, a concatenation of an immense number of hollow spaces akin to pores. In these spaces not only are the products of levitation to be found, which come into being through this curious motion, but also gravitational products arising from the planetary counter-motion of the Sun. When viewed from the same vantage point these two forces rotate in mutually-reversed order within and without this remarkable evolutionary form (Earth). Even the words ‘reversed order’ are not quite correct, because the end-effect results in their moving in opposite directions (upwards or downwards, inwards or out-wards) owing to their mutually-inverted direction of rotation.

Apart from these differences account must be taken of differences between active and reactive forms of temperature, of the different directions taken by the actively-reactively functioning products of temperature, and also the various types and direction of light (which again produce various differences in potential). The outcome of the deliberations highlighted here will be of such diverse nature that we stand before an entirely new world. Contemporary ways of looking at things thus become totally unworthy of consideration. The ramifications are of such a staggering nature that we have to start at the very beginning in order to arrive, in roundabout ways, at the point where life is once more worth living. It is in this sense that what follows should be considered.

However, this is not so simple because of bipolarities have to be considered. On closer inspection we must also take reactions into account, so that we must speak of a tri-polarity.Then we can differentiate between the products of special organization and those which in effect do not manifest themselves as pure bipolarities, although they are the cause of this regenerative and upwardly-evoluting form of motion. The end-products of this phenomenon are specifically-densified forms of the structures of raw and refined matter, which rhythmically reinforce and raise each other up and qualitatively enhance each other. New interactions take place, resulting in an eternal, unceasing motion. This leads to the realization that there would be absolutely no life or movement were there no perpetual motion in Nature.

It is difficult to find words to describe this ‘peculiar’ evolutionary production line upon which the quadratures of this ‘original’ metabolic process arise, and the cubatures of the raw materials take form. These should be visualized as looping skeins of endlessness akin to the mathematical sign for infinity-∞. They rotate about and along the longitudinal axis in such a remarkable way that the centre of gravity of a through flowing mass is so guided along the axis that the ‘disappearing’ encounters the ‘returning’. They become so entangled with each other in the process that the disappearing entwines (binds) the returning, or vice versa. In the first case a process of specific densation and an autonomous upsurge or upward impulse takes place, which happens with all good mountain springwater. The opposite case results in a process of increasing absolute density in a gravitating fall and repulsive recoil.



It is upon these differences that the genders of various entities or formations depend. For this reason, whatever has been created in this way has to interact continually. Through the agency of a special impulse-and-repulse generating motion, the crude material cannot disappear, but by being moved implosively it is continually reborn in the production of refined matter (ethericities). Owing to its polarity it must also interact, thus initiating a new motive impulse. One could become quite demented if one reflects not only upon this eternal, dynamic process, but also upon the resulting products of motion! This would be the case if a certain limit were exceeded. The ultimate manifestations in ethereal and spiritual realms can no longer be contemplated because one has to keep one’s feet on the ground.

In this ‘peculiar’ axis, which can be perceived with the naked eye as the tube-like structure that forms when water flows down the drain, the source of levitative matter is to be found. In this same axis the trout is able to overcome a 10m high waterfall without effort. He who understands how to cultivate this levitating force by mechanical means can create ‘perpetual motion’, because in their bipolar interaction the levitating and gravitating forces produce a repulsive, uplifting motion.

The same bipolarity also operates in the realm of the mind, wherein intuition is to be found in the upper regions and logic in the lower. Similar differences exist between the conscious and the unconscious mind, which in most people has become so atrophied through one-sided education that the gift of intuition is now limited to the very few. Whatever we create using our free, over-developed, intellectual capacity is mostly upside down. Logical thought is only the initial phase or the prerequisite for biological action. For this reason it is also understandable why secular and religious leaders were so rudely shaken when Galileo first mooted his extremely ticklish question. At the same time Leonardo da Vinci began his search for il primo motore, which eternally moves our Mother-Earth about here special axis. Nothing could have been simpler or more obvious than to copy this ‘peculiar’ motion of Nature’s faithfully in Repulsators and Repulsines. The logical outcome of these unique experiments then produced the naturalesque precondition, which enable the generation of energy for machines, as well as all the energies for growth of whatever kind, at virtually no cost.

In accordance with the maxim therefore: “First think forwards (intuit), and only then think backwards (deliberate), for intelligence and intuition are also inverted”.