Water is Sacred

Water is Sacred Рevery spirit is aware of this fact 

‘When there was no Earth, but only Water, the Lama descended from the Heavens and stirred the Waters. All of this stirring caused a congealing of the Waters into Land’. This Mongolian Creation Myth is one of the many from around the world which talks of Water as the First substance. In many creation myths the primal waters are the form taken by chaos, the basic, unformed material of creation. In Earth-Diver creation myths, an animal enters the maternal waters as a midwife of sorts and brings back the mud or clay of creation. The descent into water, then is a search for life in the potentially creative womb of the Great Mother herself. From the Bible,the Koran, the Indigenous Peoples and all the sources of man and woman from time of past unknown the sacredness of Water is indisputable.

Civilizations have mysteriously vanished, but quite likely the supply and cleanliness of water had a great deal to do with their disappearance. The ingenuity of man to find and transport water is as old as man him/herself. Indisputably the mightiest bridge of all for the evolution of life is represented by the entity Water. Our ancestors make many references to Water as our Mother’s blood, Mother’s milk and the maternal tears of our ancient Mother Earth. Much of our Modern Symbolism owes it’s founding upon these concepts or sacred understandings of Water.

Science views the blood-building and character-influencing organism, water, as a chemical compound, and supplies millions of people with a liquid prepared from this standpoint, which is everything but healthy water. In all of their endeavors they constantly rob the bearer of all Life(water) of its noblest possession, its soul. By continuing to consume such waters the people will inevitably degenerate into cancer-prone, mentally and physically decrepit, physically and morally inferior individuals. The reason people mistake their cultural and economical decline for a passing crisis and strive in vain to master the increasingly widespread misery, lies mainly in the intellectual deterioration of humanity. Conforming to natural law this deterioration is followed or preceded by physical degeneration. Only a penetrating study by intuitively gifted people can fathom the innermost nature of the life-giving substance, Water.

From archeological excavations it has become evident that in earlier times, in the time of the Romans and Greeks, the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians, for example, water and its nature were far better understood than today. We, however, in our love affair with mechanics, have largely lost our contact with the organics of Nature. Because of our rather jaundiced, superficial view of life, we do not readily credit any process of Nature with any autonomy, any consciousness, self-organizational ability or intelligence. As a result we inaugurate processes that eventually bring about our own undoing.

The Hydrological Cycle is the life of water without beginning, without end, from the precipitation as rain to the ground waters and aquifers, to natural springs,rivers, lakes and oceans, the evaporation and transpiration to form clouds and so on, and so on. Water is the most conducive element to dissolve other elements, water receives and generates vibratory information, it can be deadly with toxic chemicals, it can be life giving with vital energies. Unfortunately, the alarming disturbance of the natural cycles is very far advanced. The increasing chaotic weather patterns we presently experience are merely the legitimate consequence of an ever more disorderly and fragmented distribution of water vapor. In some areas there is an excessive concentration, resulting in an over-accumulation of heat, a sharp rise in temperature, massive downpours and flooding, while in others there is virtually no water vapour at all, producing both severe drought conditions and premature, local cooling. The combined effect of both these processes is to provoke increasingly frequent and violent storms as these two extremes of temperature clash together in the process of restoring Nature’s equilibrium.

It should be of no alarm that we as mankind have affected gravely the natural balance of this earth with our explosive technologies and disregard for the sacredness of all things. As well as all life water needs to be free, it has its own sacred reasons for winding this way or that way, and surfacing to the earth in its own time. Water needs the curve and vortex motions to purify, energize, deposit nutrients and energies in its own unique way that are apparently beyond our shallow scientific views. A few known naturalists often claim glorious insights to Natures Ways and claim that we have lost this sacred knowledge when in fact, much of it is still here alive and well amongst many of the Indigenous Peoples. It is the greedy individuals that maintain Institutional, Corporate, Governmental positions that withhold truth and technologies that work within natures logic but that they see no individual power or wealth in it and therefore this knowledge is hidden and smothered but to a few that lack funding and exposure to the masses.

Water has always been mankinds most precious resource. At the dawn of the new millennium. the world is facing the possibility of life-threatening water shortages. Increasing demand, changes in consumption patterns, desertification, pollution and an inadequate infrastructure all appear to be leading us towards a global water crisis. 

Water is Sacred – all life is this fact